What Drives You to Create?

Monday, April 7, 2014

I Heart Faces-Black and White

It has been a while since I entered a contest over at

Today, I noticed they were having a black and white contest this week.  I've been having a lot of 
fun playing with my images and black and white.  I love it.

I decided to enter this one of Isabelle and Abraham.  You can't even see Abraham's face, but I feel the love between these two.  He can't get enough of his older brother and sister.  

This is one of my favorite images I've taken over the past couple of months.  

Come join in the fun

Photo Challenge Submission  

Love, Jessica

Sunday, March 30, 2014


I love wrinkles.  I look at photographs of people, and it's not the perfect, make-up wearing young girls or guys that strike me.  It's the people with wrinkles, with stories in their eyes, with the gentle beauty showing through on their aging bodies.

Most people dread it. Aging.  I am not most people.  
This is what life is all about.
The people.
The stories.
And the photographs that tell them.

I saw this one via Pinterest today.
 I'm not sure who to credit this too...I couldn't tell when I opened the link.  

But this is a photograph that is perfect in it's simplicity.
So many people look at it all wrong.  The aging, the wrinkles, the showing of the age on your body.
Why is it like that?  And many women work so hard to keep all of the signs from showing.  
I get it.  I am 32 and have more white hair on my head than most 50 year olds.  Sometimes I let it show through.  Sometimes I decide to color it.  But when it comes to the wrinkles around my eyes...I'd never think to cover those up.  They are there because I've lived.  Because I've laughed...a lot.

I guess we all want to stay young in some way. Personally, I'll just opt for the feeling young than
spending way too much precious time and money to look that way.  

Instead, I will spend my time enjoying those stories that will all too soon show in my face, in my eyes, with all those wrinkles framing them.

Love, Jess

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Let's Call It Desire.

There are words that I believe are overused. There are words I know I use too much.  I use them because it is really the only thing I think explains it when I'm talking about it, but after using it so much does it seem as if it loses some of its meaning?

Passion is one of those words.  I talk about my photography on here. I talk about it being my passion.  It is....but since I use that one so frequently I have decided for today to call it a burning desire.

Do you have a burning desire that keeps you awake at night?  Keeps you distracted when you should be doing something else (for instance, housework).  I joke with Anthony about being married to a creative person.  There are some days he comes home and the house is clean, the kids have their homework done, dinner is cooking.  Then, there are the other days.  The days I can't seem to concentrate on any of those because I am taking photos, editing photos, figuring out new ways to do something in my art.  

I am just going to say this week has not been a great week for my house.  I can't concentrate.  Since I got my new camera, all I want to do is learn everything about it.  I play and experiment with it.  I learned something yesterday that will be life changing for my photography.  It's something I've been working toward for a while, but couldn't quite figure out how to do it. I thought from the photos I've seen of the same nature, most of the work was done in photoshop.  And that's not something I want to do.  I spend enough time taking photos.  I don't want to spend three hours on one photo in photoshop editing it.  Don't get me wrong, I love photoshop and it is very helpful in some cases.  I edited the above photo in photoshop.  But I like to make things simple, and not spend too much time on the computer editing.  So, whatever I can get done in camera is best for me.  

So, when I saw this photo yesterday and it grabbed my attention from the start, I looked up the photographer.  Thankfully, he shared his technique and I couldn't believe I didn't know about this yet.  All I needed was a filter for my lens and I can start making the creative shots I've always dreamed of making...without hours of editing in PS.  

Needless to say I ordered a filter, and it will come tomorrow.  Which means the weekend will be full of more creativity and my house will probably suffer until next week.  Maybe I will clean some today just so I will have it somewhat clean before it comes tomorrow.  

This burning desire is bringing me to new levels with my photography. 

I know what I want to do with it.  I know what I don't.  And I care less and less as time goes by what others think of my work.  Whether people end up hating it or loving it, it doesn't matter to me.  Because I know how much I'm loving it right now.  You can't worry about what others' think about your creativity.  That is not how success is measured.  Success is when you are doing something and you are happy with the process, the result, and the places it brings you to.

It's so liberating to be at a point in my learning process to be able to let go of all these notions from others'  of what I should be doing with my photography, with my life.  To sum it up with a quote I read the other day
"Sometimes the people around you will not understand your journey.  They don't need to, it's not for them."

And that's why I am becoming happier with my passion every single day.

Here's to a great weekend!
Love, Jess

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Children.

"Holy Water From My Own Veins,
Come and Save Me Where I lay." ~Jennifer Nettles
Love, Jess

Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby Chicks.

At our house, baby chicks have arrived.  We knew last year, after the horrible accident that killed eight of the nine chicks we had,  that we would be getting more this year.  Isabelle and Lucas were going to make sure of that.  So, over the weekend while I was gone helping my mom pick out glasses....Anthony and the kids picked out chicks.  If you have never held a baby chick in your hands you don't know what you are missing.  They are adorable.  We've had them two days and I am already figuring out their unique personalities.  I already know which one is going to be the most timid, which one is going to be the mean one, and which ones are going to be the fastest(and boy are they fast for such little creatures).  Here are a few pics I snapped of them yesterday when we got to take them out for a few minutes.

Are they not adorable!!  I hope everyone has a great week!!
Love, Jess

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mother Nature, Stop Teasing Me.

It is that time again.

The time when Mother Nature decides to tease me.  

The other day is was 70 degrees. Perfection.  I got out and rode bikes with the kids.  Oh, how I have missed my bike.
Then, BAM...back in the teens at night and 41 as a high today.  Really?!

I love all kinds of weather, but it's that time of year when I'm ready for the warm.  If it's going to be warm, just stay that way.  Plus, I'm more apt to get out and ride my bike in the 60-70 degree weather than 40 degrees!!

Now, I've got the itch to ride, and it won't stop until I'm able to every day for at least a few minutes.   

Bring on the warmth, Mother Nature...I can take it:)

Love, Jess

Monday, March 3, 2014

memory keeping.

Time to share some memory keeping projects.  Okay, just one for today.
My project life.  This year I have decided to take a more laid back approach to this, as this is what suits me in most anything I do.  There is no weekly documenting for me right now.  I take photos every week, yes.  Hell, I take photos most days.  However, I cannot seem to work the time in to work on layouts every week.  Just not feasible for me right now.  That's perfectly okay.  I've done some pages for Jan and Feb and I'd like to share just a few. 

As you can see, I've done several pages.  I've actually done a few more than this...I just didn't upload them all.  I still have to fill in some journaling on some pages, but besides that, they are done.  Simple, easy.
I have also decided to keep doing the 12 x 12 size for our family album now, until I decide otherwise.  I have gotten a 6x8 size for a book that I'm going to do about me.  I have still been kind of slack about documenting me, and I don't like that.  So, this little book will be about me.  I want to the kids to know the woman I am when they look back.  Right now, all they know is me as mom.  But later on, I want them to realize who I am.  Every part of me.  Not just the mom they see now.
And on this dreary day, I may go and start that album now. 
Love, Jess