Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Love Positivity.

We see a lot of negativity in this world.  From the news, on Facebook, from people in our own lives.  It makes me so happy to see positivity coming from people.  It makes me happy when people choose happiness, choose positivity.  These are the choices we make on a daily basis.  

I believe we have the power to choose how we want to be. I choose to see things from an optimistic standpoint on most days.  These days are the best ones.  Some days I get down (as everyone does at some point.)  Then, I make the choice if I want to continue down the path of negativity or see it in a positive light.

This is why most days I have no problem coming up with so many different things I am grateful for.  I keep a gratitude journal in my home where I write things I am grateful for. Then, today I came across this

It is now that my life is mine - 365 grateful from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

There is a grateful 365 project that you use by taking photos.  And recording the things you are grateful for.  You could do it however you want.  Print the photos and write what you are grateful for.  Use photoshop to add the text to your photos.  Get all the photos printed in a photo book at the end of the project.  However you want to do it.

And how perfect for me, because I see so much more because of my love for photography and seeing the world in a different way.  I am a visual person.  I see things every day that I am grateful I got to come across.  Why not document those things.  It will keep them fresh in my mind, and I will be happier because I choose to.  I will take note of what I am grateful for every day.  It's something I do every day anyway.  The only thing that will change is I will record it.  

As far as how I'm going to do it this first time...

I think I will take the photos each day and possibly use this template from Tracy Larsen, and at the end of the year, put all of them into a photo book and have it printed out.  That is what I'm thinking now, but I may end up just taking the photos and uploading them to a book and adding the text in there, or writing it in after I get the book.  But I will have a while to decide.  Right now I just have to get started on the photos.  I will have to keep a small journal or planner to write down why I took the photo for each day and why I'm grateful for it.  So, I will probably pick up a cheap planner or journal Friday and get started.

I challenge you to jump in with me.  Focus on what you are grateful for.  Focus on the good.  
Because, let's be honest, there is enough negativity going around already.  I will share my photos here on a weekly basis. 

Love, Jess

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