Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I'm hoping to do a new series here.  I'm not sure if I will do it weekly or monthly.  I want to keep track here of how I'm incorporating my word of the year in life.

Whether I've been exploring a new place or something I'm working on.  Photography or Project Life. Exploring how to be a better parent.
Whatever I've been exploring, I will share it here. 

This past weekend was a full one.  Non-stop.  Saturday was a trip to Pigeon Forge, TN.  We actually had to go there to exchange a Christmas gift that Anthony's brother got him.  But while we were there anyway, I say why not explore.  Even the way there was

It's amazing. Everyone knows I am an ocean girl at heart.  But every time I go to the mountains, I feel like I do when I'm at the ocean.  At peace.

While at Pigeon Forge, I saw a place called The Old Mill District. Since we didn't have a lot of time left in the day, this is where we decided to explore.  (We already had to promise the kids we would go back when it gets warmer!)

It was so pretty.  We went into the Candy Shop, got a few treats, and then the kids wanted to ride go carts.

Who knew it would be so hard to try to hold a 16 pound baby who was getting cold, and try to get good photos of fast go carts at the same time.

I love the photos though, because they explain how good of a time they were having!

We will go back there to explore another day.  

I think we'll go to the mountains more this year.  I really want to go hiking up there.  I would also love to take the kids on the swinging bridge at Grandfather Mountain.  And go to Asheville and explore and take photos.  

Hope you are taking the time to explore your world around you.

Love, Jess

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  1. Looks like a great time!! I loveeeee the photos!!!!!!!