Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dear Project Life:

sorry for the crappy photo.  I thought it was fine and then uploaded it and there was glare.  Will work on that this year as well.

We are ready for 2014.  (Yep, I'm already behind)

And here's the deal.

There is no way I'm going to keep up with doing this every single week.  So for me, this year is going to be about a monthly approach.  As I figured it would be.  I will probably still have four layouts or more for a month.  The thing is I will gather all my photos for that month and by the end of the month hopefully have the layouts complete.  It will be more random(the way I do best).  It won't necessarily be Week 1, Week 2, and so on.  It will be photos from the month that I want to share.  Not just because they happened a certain week.  Too much structure starts to get to me.

This seems like it can be done this way.  And that's what I want.  For it to get done, and for me to have fun doing it, without pressure.  

This title page mostly focused on my word of the year.  

I am keeping it up front and center this year.

Still excited about this way of documenting.  It just fits.

I do have one issue that I am trying to work out in my mind.  I love the 12x12 pages because I typically have enough photos to go around.  But I don't LOVE the size that they are on my shelves or wherever they are at.  It's funny, but I've been thinking about smaller sizes, and then I read this post
by Elsie.  I was thinking the same thing about the albums fitting nicely on the shelves, and not being so big.

However, being the thrifty person that I am, I cannot bear to not use the stuff I already have.  So, I'm definitely going to finish out the 12 x12 stuff that I have, and then make the transition to a smaller size. I think 6x8 will just be too small for me. So I may do 8.5x11.

It's so funny when you start doing a different way of documenting  there are all these new things to figure out.  I love it and I'll be glad when I figure out exactly what's going to work for me.

Love, Jess

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  1. I think your page looks great!! I don't even see a glare :)